lænd is a signature for projects and objects conceived by diane steverlynck, anne masson and eric chevalier. they design and produce self initiated objects in the field of textile, such as exclusive bedspreads, rugs, cushions and blankets.

the objects are defined by their respective dimensions, weight and textures, each with unusual graphic features. most of them can be displayed with either the back or front facing outwards, revealing a different landscape on each side. the materials used, mainly wool, contribute to the comfortable, family feel that distinguishes these pieces; the sense of habitat they impart naturally accentuates the welcoming, intimate, comfortable and comforting aspects of a space.

the rhythms, colours and textures are the result of developing special yarns that allow variations in the design or rhythm of each piece produced. lænd really does lend uniqueness to every object made, without compromising on its precise and rigorous production standards.

these developments are the fruit of a close partnership between the designers and manufacturers based in belgium, expressed in both the carefully selected primary materials and the highly specialised production methods. expanding on these delicate processes will allow us to extend the collection maintaining its familiar signature.

photo credits: lise duclaux, miles fischler, yvan guerdon, filip vanzieleghem